GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing framework.

With GEGL you chain together image processing operations represented by nodes into a graph. GEGL provides operations for image loading and storing, color adjustments, and other different forms of image transformation, filtering and compositing. Some software using GEGL is GNU Image Manipulation Program, imgflo, GNOME Photos and iconographer.

Operations reference gallery

Documentation and visual test reference for most GEGL image processing operations.

GEGL Feature list

The "feature list", a technical specification of what GEGL can do.

GEGL glossary

A cheat sheet of terms used in GEGL.

Commandline reference

Documentation for using GEGL from the commandline with the gegl binary.

public API reference

The public graph construction and manipulation API for doing image processing.

GeglBuffer API reference

GEGL contains a powerful raster buffer abstraction powered by babl.

Extending GEGL with operations/plug-ins

The API to create new image processing atoms for combination in the graph.

Getting sources, and building

Links and information about various ways of getting a build environment for GEGL.

GEGL inheritance tree

Generated class inheritance graph generated from runtime introspection.


GEGL uses bugzilla for tracking issues, both bugs and desired new features.


Who made GEGL and under what conditions you can use it.

Further pointers for development

Miscellaneous notes about possible ways of building and developing with GEGL.

If you read this on the website you are reading the snapshot of the documentation generated for gegl at that point. For further information here are some pointers to follow:

GEGL source and babl source
commit log

For day to day fixes, contributions and changes.


The NEWS file for a list across history of GEGL.


for known and tracked issues with GEGL and perhaps see the


The mailinglist archives for some discussion and announcement.

GEGL development is discussed on IRC in #gegl (and sometimes in #gimp) on GIMPnet (

You can subscribe to gegl-developer and view the archives here. The GEGL developer list is the appropriate place to ask development questions, and get more information about GEGL development in general. You can email this list at