Pixel level filter/composer scripting prototyping with lua. See for further details.
The lua script containing the implementation of this operation.
name: script type: string default: r,g,b = get_rgb (x,y)\nset_rgb (x,y,g,g,g)\n multiline:true
Lua error
parse\/compile error, if any
name: error type: string default:  error:true
a stored lua script on disk implementing an operation.
name: file type: filepath default: 
User value
(appears in the global variable 'user_value' in lua.
name: user-value type: double default: 1.00 minimum: -1000.00 maximum: 1000.00 ui-minimum: -1000.00 ui-maximum: 1000.00 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1.00 ui-step-big: 100.00 ui-digits: 1
name: gegl:gluas
pads: aux input output
parent-class: GeglOperationComposer
categories: script misc
source: operations/workshop/external/gluas.c
GEGL This page is part of the online GEGL Documentation, GEGL is a data flow based image processing library/framework, made to fuel GIMPs high-bit depth non-destructive editing future.